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Become a Sponsor

Small Sponsor Line

Make sure you are known by having your company logo placed on our car! Every sponsor we have helps through the racing season. We take grate pride in all of our sponsorship opportunities.

Small Logo Placement on Car

Get your logo on our car! Snag up one of the smaller logo areas for this sponsor placement.

Logo Placement on Website Sponsor Page

Placement, Placement, Placement! Don’t just have your logo on the car but have it on the website and social media as well! (This includes one small logo placement on both the website and social media profiles).

Small Logo Placement on Series T-Shirt

Get your logo place on our T-Shirts for the season! We are prod to show off our sponsors, so why not be on our shirts as well.

Click on the button below to contact us to get more information on pricing.

Large Sponsor Line

Looking to step up and really help us out for the racing season? Talk to us about our larger sponsorship opportunities, wrap our Racing Trailer, or get your logo on the back door, or in one of the larger areas on our car.

Large Logo Placement on Car

Snag up one of the large logo placement areas! This could be on the hood, back quarter panel, front quarter panel or the fin on the back (inside facing the driver or back facing other drivers/fans).

Front Page Logo Placement on Website

Get special website placement, your logo will be larger and take up more valuable screen space on our website and social media profiles.

Large Logo Placement on Series T-Shirt

Your logo gets special placement on our season T-Shirts! Snag up that large sponsor slot today.

Trailer Logo Placement

This is an additional logo placement, but one that all fans will see from the pits and the road! Right on the side of our hauler, contact us for more information.

Click on the button below to contact us to get more information on pricing.

About Clay

Clay has been racing Late Models for 4+ years now. Digging hard with the 604 Crate Late Models for a few years its time to move into the Supers. This 2020 season Clay will be taking on the big, the bad super motors this season. Be sure to come out to the local tracks and support Clay Coghlan!

Current Series

American Crate All-Star Series. Also now racing with Super Late Models.

Local and Regional Races on off weekends as well.

Contact Us

If you are looking to get in touch with us then please visit the Contact Us page, you can fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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